I am an experienced digital production team manager with good technical skills, a head for innovation and a focus on delivery. My most recent work is in leading multi-discipline production teams to develop digital solutions for top-tier Australian brands. I also specialise in leading digital transformation, driving innovation and original thinking as well as implementing Agile project management concepts to optimise resource usage, product quality and profit.

To complement my digital project management skill set I also have content creation skills across graphic, written, photo and video content. I am a skilled web developer and have driven the creation of a number of online platforms for clients including NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation), large government organisations, large Australian businesses and major media organisations. I am an experienced project manager across a range of diverse organisations. I have driven the development of many innovative projects across marketing, the media, communications, journalism, community engagement and editorial development. I have an excellent understanding of branding, content targeting, marketing strategy and audience engagement which has seen me play a key role in digital transition projects across a number of large commercial and not-for-profit organisations.

  • Roadmaps and Business Analysis

  • Digital and Technical Strategy

  • Digital Project Management

  • Data Driven

  • Digital Campaigning

  • Technology Solutions

  • SEO

  • Social Media Integrations

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Project Management

Through my career I have overseen various development and digital media projects across a range of organisations, including both time working as a contractor and within in-house production teams. As a project manager I enjoy building a plan and seeing it through to completion - particularly when working in dynamic Agile environments.
My wide range of production knowledge across both digital transformation and online technology gives me a unique perspective and enables me to develop innovative digital solutions. Coupled with good stakeholder liaison skills and a strong technical background, this ensures I can identify and build solutions which holistically meet project needs and business requirements.

Digital Architecture Design

I have designed website CMS to CRM database integrations, hosting servers and firewalls as well as data flow maps and mobile apps. The requirements of every business are different and my approach is to design technology solutions that fit the particular need. With years' of experience in joining a wide range of technology solutions and a focus on achieving business outcomes, I bring a holistic approach to creating platforms that bring meaningful digital engagements to your audience.


I have a strong background in web-based and object orientated coding (PHP, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, some .net and C++) which gives me an understanding of the technical development process and together with a creative background in digital marketing production this enables me to effectively communicate with both technical and creative staff. I have production experience implementing solutions across many digital technical fields including SEO/SEM, data analysis, user tracking, API/web application integrations, marketing automation, email campaigning, strategy development and UX. Through my career I have worked across a number of development platforms including many CRM/CMS and digital development management systems. I also have good technical knowledge across web hosting, hardware, security and network infrastructure.

"John's leadership style is transformative.
On the strategic side he is highly creative and adept at selecting the most productive problem solving outcome for the long-term benefit of his transformation task, Yet he is as technical as his current challenge demands." Luke Miceli, CEO at Websilk Pty Ltd
“I have found John to be inquisitive, insightful and knowledgeable on digital applications that could make significant improvements across the organisation. His level of professionalism was a breath of fresh air. I also appreciated John taking the lead in his team to guide and mentor less experienced staff.” - Natalie Powarchuk, Quality Manager at Diabetes Australia
“We have found that John’s focus on long-term strategy and planning has helped us better focus our marketing campaigns and provide clear direction for the business.” -Noel Hill, Operations Manager, Aquarius Day Spa

My Digitial Build Approach

Roadmap and Vision

Understanding how and where technology can be used by both the organisation and consumers is an important step for businesses taking on a large digital transformation project. It is also critical for the organisation to understand where they are now and where they want to be in the future. The roadmap stage involves looking across the business at current technology, how the target audience uses technology to interact with the organisation, staff skills, and assets to find areas of opportunity then working with management to define the ideal future state.

A draft current and future state technology roadmap
A draft technology use case map

Stakeholder Engagement

Many organisations struggle to implement digital strategies because the wider organisation simply isn't onboard with the vision. This can be avoided by including key staff in the digital discovery and roadmap development process. I do this through a range of workshop, 1 on 1 interviews and cloud-based collaboration platforms. The end result is an organisation which unites in a common vision and commitment to the digital future. In this internal engagement stage I also work with technology and business strategy teams to build elements from the module list and future state map into feature sets. These are then ordered into delivery priorities according to the business' needs.

A research report with feedback from all stakeholders
The final technology roadmap with feature prioritisation
The final technology use case map

Scoping and Systems Architecture

The scoping and systems architecture phase applies the modules brought forward in the roadmap and applies specific technology solutions to them. Solutions could involve a combination of integrating with existing platforms, retrofitting existing platforms, engaging third party platform providers, or detailing new platform builds. The scoping phase not only applies technology to feature sets but also considers how to apply a series of interconnected technologies to build a robust and future-proof platform. This develops a solution tailored to the business while considering the availability of internal digital resources and skill levels of staff within the business.

Technical scoping document
Wireframes showing functional requirements

Design and Development

Each module is taken through a design and fast prototyping process which sees working demos come to life for review and refinement. The development process continues in an Agile iterative framework, building ever more refined versions until the module is ready for release.

Each cycle (or Sprint) sees completed modules ready for launch


Once an agreed Minimum Viable Product (a platform which is complete enough for release to the public) is completed, the final testing of the platform as a whole is completed in preparation for launch. Hosting services are prepared and in the small hours of the morning the switch is flicked to send the platform live to the World.

Public facing systems (CRM, website, mobile App, etc)

Further Iterations and Features

Once a version is live as a Minimum Viable Product it is then time to look at the next set of features to scope, design and build. This process continues as a series of constant improvements to the product, seeing updates and new features regularly added to the live platform.